Replica Mulberry To Brighten Your Day!

Hopefully you’ve been following along with Emma Watson week, and if you haven’t, you should really check out my last post featuring the cute celebrity with one of her amazing designer bags. I’ll wait here. No really, just go read it. Now that we’re all up to speed about how fabulous Emma Watson, and that you already know that this week is now hers and all of my posts are going to show off her wonderful designer handbag collection! Alright, so let’s check out the next handbag of hers that I want to show you, and it is brought to you by Mulberry handbags!

Mulberry handbags, like the Mulberry Bayswater that Lauren has, are so amazingly beautiful. These are simple replica bags, that I think could rival an Hermes Birkin any day! I love their size, structure, and above all, their quality! Alas, I can’t afford Mulberry bags, however, I don have another trick up my sleeve!

I happen to be a huge fan of Mulberry bags, and the brand itself. I suppose it is the simple and clean bags that I love, and I really am quite partial to that Mulberry logo! (It’s a weird thing to love, I know!) So check out two of Hilary’s prized possessions, which are wonderfulMulberry designer bags, and now you can be just as jealous as I am!