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High quality CC Skye

CC Skye has earned its place in the fashion industry – these wonderful accessories easily create the perfect look or the so called IT effect and this gorgeous city girl look is what this brand is going for – glamorous jewelry and handbags have made this glamorous fashion company one of the most popular accessories brands right now.

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This label was founded by Cynthia O’Connor whose previous fashion related job was being responsible for teen fashion in Dallas department store. Later she started working with jewelry designers from Me & Ro and after stunning success expanded the store with some tote bags and purses.

“CC Skye Replica Purses”的图片搜索结果

The Skye bag and Lucy purse by this brand have been very successful since their launch in the high-ned shops around the world and this label is constantly updating their collections of very trendy and elegant purses. Their collections is rather expensive so wait for the CC Skye sale at the end of the season.

This brand brings its own unique way of viewing things, the handbags they make have chic and sort of past time’s glamour. The clutch line offers numerous evening purses to choose from. There is certainly a way to buy an evening handbag that will be a stand out.

CC Skye initially offers lots of jewelries. The designs truly embody glamour. There is no doubt why it became a success in Dallas. Afterwards, CC Skye started to offer satchels and purses. It received positive feedbacks from fashion critics as well as editors who review the handbag line. The purses are often made from soft leather. They are pleasant to touch, which is one of the reasons why lots of teenagers and grownup women love to use it for everyday and special occasions.