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Replica Balmain bags

Balmain is a French fashion house started by Pierre Balmain (1914 – 1982). His family owned a company that sold drapery and his sisters and mother had a fashion boutique. While studying at the Ecole of Beaux Arts Pierre Balmain was more into designing of dresses than studying architecture and thus did not finish the studies. He then started working with Lucien Lelong and he opened the House of Balmain only in 1945. This fashion label also featured bell type of skirts similar to Dior’s new look. This designer also dressed the stars of the time, such as Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot. His label was success and he opened his fashion brand shops in the United States as well and started to sell ready to wear fashion.

Replica Balmain bags are the imitation or copy handbags on market. These replica purses are cheap, but they are knockoff bags – only original inspired bags. Some of the sites selling replicas openly state that these are fake satchels and fake purses and they cost accordingly, however some sites pretend to sell original branded purses which in reality are replica products.

Pierre Balmain established the well-known fashion house called Balmain. The family that he was part of owns a company that sells drapery, and alongside this, his sisters as well as her mother, managed the family’s fashion boutique. When Pierre entered Ecole of Beaux Arts, he became engrossed into making designs of different dresses, instead of being interested with architecture.

Balmain has also many beautiful and practical handbags for men, such is the the Rome which is absolutely perfect for business meetings and travel.