White and Light – Replica Prada For Spring

I’m not sure that I have mentioned it yet, but I loathe winter. Okay, I’m sire my story will change in a few months, because in the middle of summer I seem to forget how crappy and depressing winter weather really is. To be fair, usually when I start to grow fond of the colder months it is only because I am waiting for the holidays (yes, I am still a big kid) and I had completely forgotten that in the winter you can barely leave your house without freezing your buns off! Well, I’m going to make it my point to remember this year, and I am also going to relish and savor the spring and summer months. So do you know what that means? New designerPrada bags for spring!

Check out this great photo of the dreamy David Beckham, looking absolutely to die for with his awesome Prada luggage. You really have to be successful in you life to get to have great pieces like these, and I have to say that I am totally jealous of his Prada bags! I would love to take these off of his hands for him, however, I don’t really think he’s looking to get rid of them! Alas, I can’t afford designer Prada handbags, but I do have a secret that I would like to share with you all!